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How to Check for Overall Development Issues in a Pre-school Child


It’s easy to miss the signs when your child is growing up. After all, each child is different so the fact that your child is more or less energetic or slow to talk is not always a sign of something wrong. Nor is it always that obvious. Sometimes, your child may grow up with certain development issues that can be physical or psychological that may not manifest fully till they are much older, and when it’s also more difficult to treat. Since forewarned is forearmed, here are some guidelines on how to check for development issues in your child:

Physical Growth Issues

Some children are naturally very small or very large. They tend to even out by the time they hit puberty. However, if their weight and height is significantly different than the average figures for their peers, you should consult a paediatrician who will be able to tell you if something is wrong. The overstimulation of the pituitary gland in some children can lead to abnormally high height or weight, which can be balanced out with appropriate medication. Obesity is another development issue in young children. Their energetic lifestyle calls for a high calorie intake, however if their metabolisms are naturally slow and there is a family history of obesity, they can be at risk of childhood obesity.

Physical Development Issues

This is similar to physical growth, but captures more than simply height and weight. It captures dental problems, orthopaedic issues, audio- visual shortcomings etc. Make sure that your child meets his/ her doctor every 3- 6 months for a general check up.

Take your child to a dentist in Gisborne every few months to check for cavities and misalignments which can be corrected early. Some children have weak and brittle bones due to insufficient calcium in their daily diet, which can lead to orthopaedic problems later in life. If they don’t see small toys or insects or seem to avoid running or walking fast, check their sight first at home, then at the doctor’s. Play music around the house and note whether or not they react to the changes. Make sure that they are getting the right nutrition.

Psychological Issues

Pre- school age children rarely have psychological issues unless they have witnessed or experienced trauma. If not, the only psychological problems they would have are psychological diseases such as ADHD which can be congenital. Other issues like autism and dyslexia, which are not necessarily psychological but are developmental, can be diagnosed with simple screenings at the paediatrician. If they have witnessed trauma, the best way to help is to provide a stable environment in which a steady presence can ensure they feel safe. Therapy later in life can take care of residual issues.

Schools And The Standards Maintained

Education has become expensive for the people and in many countries the governments have been providing free education services to the people for their children since nursery till their completion. Education is the right of every child which can help them to gain the knowledge and give them the confidence to make themselves survive in this world. Earlier there were schools with strict rules and regulations and only educating the students used to be their main motto. But now various types of schools have been introduced where children will be taught with many kinds of activities that they are interested in. Even though they charge more they can provide all the facilities at Williams Landing dental clinic to their students accordingly.

In past decades education means, the students were taught only with the concerned subjects related to them and no other activities were involved in their curriculum except the games. But now the school managements have completely changed the structure of their curriculum and have made it attractive for the students. By seeing the curriculum itself, the student should feel excited to attend the school. Other than education they have been providing the activities like:

  • Swimming
  • Skating
  • Arts like to dance, music, paints, and crafts
  • Martial arts like karate, kung-fu etc.
  • Sports and games
  • Field trips and education fairs
  • Debates and seminars etc. to develop communication skills

All these activities involved in any school can attract the students and even medical camps can be conducted in the school itself and regular medical checkups can be done with the help of the general pediatrician and the dentist hired by the managements. It can be the responsibility of the teachers to find the drawbacks of the students from their classes and have to help them in overcoming such problems. Every student should be given personal attention and then only they can be able to know about them. As the students can spend their maximum time in the schools rather than with the parents, the teachers should feel responsible in monitoring and observing the activities of the students and have to guide them the right way for their bright future.

The parents have to attend the PTM’s regularly go for dentists Hoppers Crossing to know about the progress of their child. The schools should be maintained with quality and standards so that the students can achieve good results. This can only be possible only when the management hires the teachers who are having good communication skills, qualifications and best experience. The teacher can only mold the student as she likes and it can be the responsibility of the teacher to show a right path to their students. In some schools along with regular health check-ups by the dentist and other doctors, the students can also be provided with necessary vaccinations in time to defend themselves from various diseases.

Make Sure You Take Care Of Your Teeth Properly

Taking care of your teeth is way too needed to ensure a healthy body too. An unhealthy gum and bad teeth can give rise to different types of problems including cancer.

Owing to the importance of gum and teeth in our overall health, it is extremely necessary that you should take proper care of your teeth. Whether you are planning for dentist at Matraville or any other treatment, you need choose the right clinic and the right doctor.

Once you are done with the treatments, it is equally needed that you maintain your gum and teeth. Maintenance plays a great role in enjoying the best uses of dental implants, teeth whitening and other types of treatments.

Besides going for professional treatments, it is necessary that you take some daily care regimen. But many of us forget to do the regular care too, like brushing on time. Here are a few of the don’ts that you should avoid in order to maintain your gum and teeth:

Do not brush your teeth – many of us do not brush teeth on daily basis. But it is really a bad thing that can lead to serious teeth problem. You need to brush your tooth every morning. If not, then the accumulated food particles can give rise to bacteria as well as other teeth problems. It is also needed that you brush your teeth after dinner or before going to bed.

Do not brushing in a proper way – like regular brushing it is equally needed that you brush in a proper way. Irregular way of brushing can damage your gum and teeth that can lead to bleeding or other infections. Hence it is needed that you brush your teeth in a proper way.

Do not checking gum and teeth regularly – it is an absolute necessary that you should check your gum as well as your precious teeth regularly. Checking your teeth and gum will make you aware of any issues visible and hence you can take proper precautions or do necessary treatment on time.

Do not avoiding excessive Soda water or carbonated drinks – these drinks also affect our teeth. Carbonated drinks destroy tooth’s enamel and produce plaque.  And you also feel the need of lack of water when you drink soda water and that gives rise to other health issues.

The above don’ts if avoid can really help you a lot in maintaining a good oral health at dentist at Maroubra Junction. And a healthy oral condition will help you to live a healthy life preventing many such diseases that are fatal.

Food Habits For Healthy Teeth

We often encounter people with yellow teeth which look really bad. The reason behind this is not because they fail to take care of their teeth. But there are many more factors that make our teeth yellow.

A simple trick to prevent teeth from yellowing is to use home teeth whitening kit. Another easy way to keep your teeth white is to eat strawberries.

But using best teeth whitening products in Australia is a much better option as it helps to whiten your teeth faster. Buy these kits from a good dental clinic to get the best benefits out of them.

Taking care of teeth can be pretty tough for a patient suffering from dental problems. Not only the cost of repairing and mending are high, but often it takes time to heal. To be more honest, no matter how much money you spend, no matter how much efficient the doctor is, the results you receive at the end might not be satisfactory to you. Many of us has encountered people with bad dental conditions and had to go through expensive procedures to repair them. If maintaining good oral hygiene was everything we needed to maintain a proper dental condition, then so many of us wouldn’t have suffered. Then what is it?

Yes, brushing and flossing your teeth is important for a perfect oral hygiene. But it is also important to maintain good food habit and nutrition for a healthy tooth. Many of us don’t know that our daily food habits are one of the causes for out bad dental health. Yes that is the truth. For example, too much sugary items can induce the cavity build up in our tooth. In taking soda the entire day can damage your tooth enamel and can tooth decay. There are many other daily factors that can cause you dental problems.

When there are problems then there should be solutions to. Of course you can prevent these problems even before they occur to you. If you maintain few food habits then it is easy to prevent dental problems. For example having more fruits and less sugary items can enhance the quality of your teeth drastically. Too much sugar can cause you cavity and no matter how much you brush cavity won’t go away. Hard sugar elements such as candy can even worsen your teeth as it sticks to your teeth even after you have washed it. Whereas having a fruit such as an apple and strawberry helps to clean your teeth and keeps it in good condition.

But the most important thing to prevent your teeth from damaging is to visit a doctor for teeth whitening strips after an interval of 6 months. It helps to prevent any damage even before it occurs and also helps to guide as what you need to do for a healthy teeth.

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