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Primitive cultures of old lived and survived basically by trial and error methods. Adventurous though, they were not initiated into vast knowledge on many things and hence, compared to today’s civilized world, a lack of resisting mechanisms was disadvantageous for development. On the contrary, despite development the current tendency is to neglect or ignore certain important and critical aspects of healthy living as a false feeling of comfort overrides such concerns. Many matters are taken for granted; especially water the most significant factor in food. Water though considered a divine providence in nature needs through examination in the present highly polluted surroundings. Technology now aids many an instrument that are constructed for enhanced healthy life resulted by bio-chemical research and water’s purity has been one of the main concerns. Apart, the liquid we consume most part of our life has to be so unadulterated and in proper composition such that the system within would function as it should to at optimum level.Lack of alkaline ions will tilt the balance of the pH in water which does not sound good. It is not only impurities and pollutants that are causes for sicknesses but along with the imbalance in pH value that ought to be slightly above 7. Causticity increase cannot be permitted and so is the opposite. We have now a unique alkaline water online to address this state of water we drink daily. Besides, the corrosive of such water will effect rusting and other chemical reactions in materials. Hence this instrument protects pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances. During this operation elements such as iron and manganese are removed and thus the low pH level is corrected to be appropriate. Usually calcite does the needful and combined with Corosex it is even more effective. A unique property of Calcite is that is its self-limiting property. It corrects pH to the ideal equilibrium from a low level caused by traces of copper, lead and others that are found in plumbing materials. In this way, even chlorine is strained out. Chlorine is used in many parts of the developing countries to eradicate pollutants and germs in water but many despise its pungency. Therefore the acid neutralizer filter is great way to rid of Chlorine and other undesirable contaminants such as lead and copper. When drunk after installation the water will have a smooth texture and a refreshing taste. Many prefer to intake soda instead of water that seems to be corrosive to taste but forget the adverse sedimentary effects of such beverages. They are high in caloric presence that causes obesity and therefore many other complications termed as chronic degenerative diseases. Instead, installing just one of these instruments at home and offices will do much good on the long run.

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